A Quiet Cabin in Pyeongchang (강원도) | Life in Korea Vlog

A Quiet Cabin in Pyeongchang (강원도) | Life in Korea Vlog

There’s something you should know about me I Don’t relax very well Some people like vacations just laying out on a beach with nothing to do I like trips with busy itineraries and days of exploring that translates to my daily life – on weekends I can’t stay in my house. Even if I’m gonna do this same activity outside Like reading in a cafe versus reading on my couch for some reason I feel like a day is wasted if I stay in my house, and I’m really trying to work on that I’m trying to calm my mind and Slow down a little bit more. I used to be pretty good at it, but somehow in the hustle and bustle Maybe it’s the city life I don’t know, but I’ve just I feel like I go go go and when I start to slow down I almost get anxious And so what you’re about to see is a little experiment putting myself in a place where I couldn’t leave the house there was nothing for me to do there was no other place to go other than my living room or Just a few feet outside my home We headed to a secluded town in the mountains of gangwon-do and we arrived just as the edges of a typhoon were crossing over Korea We only saw a peak of blue sky just as we were leaving on the third day so there was really nothing to do except for marathon Brooklyn nine-nine and finish my book and Listen to all the records they had in their house Whenever the rain stopped we would go out with the dogs and take a walk through the forest And then we would come back and we would cook meals and start the whole cycle over again I actually sat outside and watched the rain fall and I can’t remember the last time I did that So, I hope that if nothing else this beautiful scenery you’re about to take in Helps you find a little quiet time a little moment to pause and slow down just like I am searching for as well

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  1. That was so beautiful!!!! ❤️
    I am someone who also struggles with just stopping for a while, I might have to give something like this a go 😊

  2. That last shot!!! Please remind me what area/station is it again? I also have that shot when I traveled to Seoul 😊 Now it made me wanna go back again 😭😭😭

  3. I can tell this video was so personal for you. Im happy that you are willing to try new things and sharing it with us. Hope the best for you 🙂

  4. I’ll love to relax out there omg. But my stupid paranoid self can only last several minutes walking outside near that creek. I get so paranoid of ghosts even during the day light.

  5. This is now my new favorite video of yours. The relax mentality that so many people have mastered has been one of the hardest things for me to grasp as an adult. I feel like any time i'm not doing something productive or adventurous is a waste, especially because my time here has an expiration date. The way I feel when I watch this video is the way that i've only dreamt of feeling. The rain, the music, the beautiful autumn colors…its just taking my breath away.

  6. I had the best time in Amsterdam!!❤ I visited Pluk but I didn't find the time to actually eat there, and I bought Stroop waffels which are DELICIOUS😍😂💞

  7. I love your videos so much <3 And not just because you live in korea I really like your personality. You are such a calm person and hearing you makes me calm after a busy day at work. I would love you live in europe cause I live in Portugal <3 <3

  8. cari your videos seriously bring me so much happiness and peace i love them so much 😊💕 thank you for filming all your little adventures your life is so inspiring and amazing! thank you so much again for doing all of this you're one of my favorite content creators in here 💕💖💗 (p.s.: kind of want to gif all the beautiful scenery you show us in all your videos sjdhiufhdiuh)

  9. CARI! I know it's been an age since I last watched your vids but OHMYGOD youve GROWN SO MUCH. In terms of your filming style, content,views/likes/commenting. But most importantly you're growing within yourself and we can see that. This video was so so beautiful and thank you thank you thank you for sharing it you lovely lovely soul♥️

  10. I love your pricturs. They are so amazing. Watched the vlog from May and you have shown us your pictrues. Really love them!!
    Can you tell us which camera you are using?
    Can't wait to see the next video 😍😍

  11. I’m sure you get asked this all the time, but what do you use to edit your videos? ☺️ I adore the aesthetics!! 🍂✨☕️

  12. I came across one of your videos few weeks ago and have been loving them since! I'm a Korean living in France and I haven't lived in Korea for a long time so watching your videos, I learn new things and feel nostalgic at the same time 🙂 love the way you film too. I usually can't really watch vlogs where people move around a lot because of motion sickness but somehow your vlogs are not bothering me at all. Keep up the good work! xxx

  13. you and your boyfriend are so cute! and this house is magical (i might want to go)..as a resident homebody, i say it's important to stay home every once in a while — lay on your furniture, sweep the floor, have a braless day, settle in so dust won't. but i also get anxious too. and sometimes an outside setting can make me feel even more productive or fulfilled.

  14. Wooww, thankyou for the trip! I feel like i'm there with you. And you give me a lot of inspiration just from this video. I will try to appreciate my next holiday and travel a lot!

  15. This video is perfection! There is so much bad content on YouTube which makes this a breath of fresh air. So artsy, honest, beautiful and intimate… Content I live for! Thanks Cari ♡

  16. Might sound weird, but the intro of you talking was super calming as well. This video was gorgeous. The forest and house and dogs and cat were adorable. The music was so calming. Thank you for bringing us along on your relaxing weekend.

  17. im in love with the way you film and edit your videos, and im also in love with this idea and environment, if only i had time..

  18. 유 아 소 그레잇. 강원 프라빈스 이즈 더 모스트 뷰리풀 완 인 싸우쓰 코리아. 유 켄 엔조이 에브리씽 라이크 애즈 이팅 엔 드링킹 엔 트레블링, 서핑 엔드 소 온

  19. Love this video and the beautiful music. You’re the cutest couple and the two dogs are sooo cute. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip to Gangwondo.

  20. this might be my favorite vlog of yours so far! I've had so much stress that (almost )crippling anxiety hits me as soon as I slow down for once (just like you said), and this vlog made me feel so cozy and calm so thank you! I feel like I can face the world again with some serenity in my heart. I love your vlogs so much! hope you're doing well

  21. I just had surgery yesterday. Wasn’t feeling so great. Your video soothed my soul and pain so thank you so much for this . ❤️

  22. I have the same problem relaxing but watching this video gave me hope! Thank you for sharing with us, I hope you found peace of mind even for a while <3

  23. It's ironic because I feel like if I'm not at home reading a book, I'm wasting my time, gah… I guess grass is always greener. As an agoraphobic misanthrope, I wish I was actually a whimsical character like you. Leaving my house for anything (work, groceries, etc) takes a mindnumbing strain on my psyche. I get completely zapped when I go out, because I have to put on the pose of being a functional, normal, conformist. So in other news, how do you like Asterios Polyp?

  24. I love watching your vlogs and i am so glad you got to enjoy the rain after a long long time 😊
    Also… "i will follow you into the dark" is one of my all-time favourites… Have a great day…

  25. cari, i absolutely love this video (and all your others, of course!). the way you film things flood s me with nostalgia, it’s like watching a home video of my childhood recorded on VHS if that makes sense? i love love love it! thank you for always sharing your adventures with us! 💜

  26. I love this. It's so relaxed, hauntingly beautiful with that music. It's nice seeing you more with your boyfriend. Thank you for opening up to us and sharing another part of you with us, Carrie! <3

  27. This all looks so beautiful 😍 i’d love to live so near to the forest!
    But my problem is completely opposite to yours if been trying to find peace with and within myself and to relax somuch lately and tried to do that at home while reading or so but in the end i could not relax at all and i should rather have gone out…
    I hope you have a nice week! 😊

  28. When I watch a new Cari vlog, I’d always think “Nothing can top this!” But every time, she proves us wrong. ILY 🧡

  29. Omg thank you so much for using my cover and sharing my music. I am so flattered and this video is so, so beautiful ❤️😘

  30. 아… 너무 아름다운 영상과 음악이라 온 몸이 다 녹아내릴 것 같다. 왜 이제야 알았을까..

  31. I wish you’d make audiobooks 💆🏻‍♀️ your voice is SO calming! And I’m the same as you on the relaxing matter! What a LOVELY video, so nicely edited, so soothing and pretty!

  32. This was lovely! I've been thinking about doing something similar for Christmas, just to run away from the busy life of Seoul 🙂 Oh btw, loved the editing ! x

  33. this would be a paradise. silence, trees, nature, rain, fog, hills, beautiful mornings, places to read, places to explore and reflect, dogs, coziness, tranquility, vinyls from the last century. basically, hapiness.

  34. This was so nice to watch, that cabin was so beautiful. When I'm older and ready to settle down, I want to live someplace like this ! Thank you for the beautiful video

  35. You definitely deserve more subscribers, I really enjoy your videos, you're so creative and I love the cozy vibes that I get out of your videos.👍👍❤

  36. Ugh! Currently binge watching your videos and let me just say, I LOVE YOUR STYLE! The flow of the video is just spot on. Would love to see a vid on how you plan your vids, and how u edit them. Im pretty sure many of ur followers would love that too ! 😘 More power!

  37. This is literally the one of the best vlogs I've ever watched on YouTube. It's super important to take some time off and just relax. I'm glad you had this wonderful experience with your loved one. Also, the color of the video is so vibrant and the music is so soothing. Can you film a tutorial about how to film good quality videos or take good photos with your iPhone? Thank you and have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  38. Im trying not to cry while watching this (at work on lunch break). I dont relax well either, and it would be so nice to do something like this with my fiance

  39. I am going to show this to my hubby so we can work harder to get to that lifestyle… Quiet, in the woods, lots of animals. Oh my!

  40. I relate to you so much ugh. I can't ever relax for a minute because otherwise I'll get anxious at the fact that I'm doing nothing

  41. I love this video so much, so serene. This is the kind of weekend getaway I want to do with my boyfriend. Just a weekend getaway from everything.Thank you for sharing.

  42. I feel relieved after watching this video! Wow 🤗🙌🏻 Thank you for sharing this video. Love the vibe of your content 🙂 From 🇵🇭

  43. Hi Cari!! Thanks for your videos and the wonderful vocal with guitar. Perfect pitch on the voice and a great selection for your artistic and realistic view of the area near Pyeongchang. I taught conversational English at the jung-hak-yo there for two years. My Korean co-teacher gave me his Korean name, KIM; he let me pick my first name. I chose Bul-young, fire dragon, and it fits 'cause I'm an operatic tenor and the Mezzo Sopranos like my high B flat !! (Ha!). Anyway, I hope you had the chance to visit the famous herb farm there. The province is stunning in the winter with the lighting on the rocks…. Please keep making these videos!! Thanks Again!! Roger

  44. I come back to watch this video whenever I need peace of mind, its hands down one of my favorite videos you've ever made Cari!!! so stunning and full of peace 🙂

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