DIY / How to… # Change Cabin/Pollen Filter Alfa Romeo 159(ENG.SUBS)

Good Morning people, everything was good with you? I hope you are enjoying the videos I have been made. Much more I will made in the future. And before starting, give a like, comment, suggest new ideas Yesterday I have been made the revision on my car, but i can’t film to show how you change the oil and the filter I changed too the coolant of the motor, its very easy to do. Maybe on the future I made a video. So lets go start to show you how to change cabin filter, the filter used was a MANNFILTER with active carbon The filter was localized on the glove box And we have a screw on the center, you have to remove it with a Torx T20. It’s very easy The next thing to do is remove the little cover, press the tab and make some force. Next we have two tabs, you have to release them and pull. As you can see, there are another screw, and with a help of an socket key, 5,5mm, remove the screw. And thats it, now you have access of a cabin filter. My filter was very dirty, you can compare it with the new one and the difference was huge. Once you place the filter inside the housing be carefully with the air flow. Finally to place the new filter in place you have to make everything from the inverse order. I hope you enjoy the video, more videos are coming, don’t forget to subscribe and give a thumbs up. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask me on comments sections. Now I’m leaving. Take care!

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