Exploring Death Valley And Finding A Secret Cabin On The TDub

Exploring Death Valley And Finding A Secret Cabin On The TDub

good morning TDubbers Tom and Julie
here I don’t want to exclude the rest of you YouTube video watchers but today
we’re mostly going to be mostly on the t-dub we’re in Death Valley still, we’re
at the southern end of Death Valley today we’re going to go see if we can find
a secret cabin well we’re taking a little break from the washboard Road
it’s not terrible but kind of a bone rattler but here we are beautiful out
here in Death Valley you can see telescope peak in the mouth of the
Panamint Mountains in the very background but you might have a hard
time making them out on the video it’s a little hazy again today beautiful out
that way the big nothing all right let’s keep rolling the old T-dub is purring like a kitten well we are climbing a little bit not very steeply it’s a nice little road not as rocky as some of them out here some of them have softball-sized rocks makes it kind of hard on a bike well here we are taking a little bit of a
rest those T-dub seats are pretty firm aren’t they, at least mine is – I should
look into some sort of a seat cover slash pad beautiful view looking up the
valley oh we’re at a four-way here this road we’re on go straight ahead and
there’s a crossroad that goes to the left and it also goes to the right cool together well that’s a cool little feelin I think this is an old miners cabin
that’s still being maintained by someone you I don’t know what that is on the roof
but looks like it may have had the water lines coming out of it maybe it’s
a solar water heater quite a place though pretty cool greetings! how’s your cabin? it is
pretty cool I guess it’s maintained by someone and you can stay here if you
want as long as you don’t trash it what an awesome little cabin thanks Bob and
Ward it’s got a fire place a wood burner over there and one of those cool metal
barrel shaped stoves that I like so much two beds actually four beds two bunk
beds some books I’m glad nobody’s trashed it Julie
approves we are making our way up a wash a remote
wash in Death Valley looking for a mine adit, well here is a cool old Stonewall
I don’t know what the purpose of it was maybe to keep this wash from washing
this area away it’s got a be eight feet thick well here’s a cool portal says explosive keep out three three
sixty two you know this is three three sixty two in the door they got a bat gate
on here and a good one it’s funny of the things that they have gated here to me
like this is in a pretty remote spot that’s as far as we can see down the adit
are you on far beam? goes a ways look at this strange salt formations that have
ripped down maybe this is a salt mine I don’t know what it is I don’t know what
they’re mining here doesn’t go anywhere so these are all core samples
these are all drillings yeah these are all drillings salty that’s weird
it’s just a prospect I guess they were looking for something all right this is
what we’re up here looking for I don’t know I don’t quite get it myself the ladder goes down quite a ways but it’s
not in any kind of shape for me to climb I wonder what the heck these mines
could have been that’s so weird because all this stuff is just mud pretty salty stuff so you can probably tell them all the
white on the surface this is the narrows a lot of strange geology out here in
Death Valley otherworldly look at the red, orange I haven’t seen a person all day since we left the car we put a new muffler on the t-dub, nah we were just coasting It doesn’t look like we’re going down hill that
much where we are I’m having to use the brake yikes we don’t gas! we are going about fifteen almost we are back to our vehicle we only did
23 miles on the t-dub but a lot of it was in second gear and we visited a cool
cabin the t-dub does everything that we’ve asked it to so far obviously with
two up you can’t do the same things you can with one person two ups a whole
different beast than one up but anyway Julie and I had fun and we appreciate
you guys watching the video and we will see you on our next adventure

17 thoughts on “Exploring Death Valley And Finding A Secret Cabin On The TDub

  1. Gloves and long trousers for Julie but then again, on a bike, maybe just as well. Always amazed when you come across an old deserted cabin in the middle of nowhere, with all the gear still there but great to see it had not been trashed indeed. Nice to get into the cool of a cave but then again, I would be a bit worried what else may also be hiding away from the sun in there. Nice place to get the bikes out, cheers Alan

  2. Talk about getting away from it all… Very nice of who ever is taking car of the place to allow its use. Hope some one does not abuse it. A side by side would be a more comfortable ride but the cost as much as a small car. Great ride!

  3. To each his own, but if I were you would wear a helmet. 💥🤪 Beautiful scenery and that cabin is in great condition! 🙂

  4. Thanks I enjoyed this little trip, it would be painful for me now days, but thanks to you two I can enjoy it vicariously….

  5. oh you're kidding me// i have looked at that particular dualsport so many times still not sure my little truck would carry it, would love to own one// so cool you got one… looks like a fantastic day, that second mine was extra weird and love the crazy landscape …Great Video

  6. I have really enjoyed the recent uptick in new videos!! On the same day that you started to post new ones, I left my home in Washington to go on some new adventures of my own in the South, especially in Georgia. I finally have caught up with your videos (for now). Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Other worldly is right!…a great place to visit, but you know the rest!
    Must have been a lonely existence…three cheers for the TDub…cheers!…woods

  8. The fellows did a great job restoring the old cabin. It is a testament to the fact that people who trash things are too lazy to go very far. Could you tell if the water setup they had was operational. Julie has a good sense of humor also. "There goes my ride" Hahahaha. Thanks for sharing this cool place.

  9. Please keep this Gem's location secret. I have been a few times. Would hate to see it destroyed…

  10. Another good one, Tom! I chuckled at the end when you went cruising past Julie on the motorcycle and she murmured, “There goes my ride.“

  11. That cabin in the desert is amazing! What a unique and isolated place. It's so cool to see people respecting it and taking care of it. You and Julie should stay there some time . That ride through the spectacular desert scenery was great too.

  12. Great vid! I bought a sheepskin for my Tdub a few days ago and loving it. It should pair very nicely with a Seat Concepts seat👍🏼

  13. these are nice places you guys go to and i'm glad you share them.i have a 2000 4wd escalade do you think it would make it to most of the places you guys go?

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