Honda S2000 Cabin (Pollen) Filter Change Tutorial

OK so another thing I wanted to do is to replace the cabin
filter cause I’ve seen that after this kind of mileage, mine’s done about about 76 thousand now, 76 thousand miles they do become black if they haven’t been changed before, so I’ve had my car for a few months now let’s see what it looks like so on a UK AP1 the cabin filter will be on the passenger here, as you can see it’s covered up I’m going to firstly remove this rubber strip, because it’s also holding pins in which hold this plastic in, I’m going to use a 4mm socket, because it’s small enough to push up on the back of the pin so the first pin is here pop second pin is here *pop* that should be enough really do one more now this should just come up and it says here “up” and there you can see the cabin filter it’s basically clipped in look inside there quite a build up dust and dirt seeds and… bits of leaves, now let’s put it next to the new one to see what it looks like so here’s the old one next to the new one from Honda guess we have to put it back in this
case somehow that comes out like that this one will just pop back in should click in like that okay it’s ready to put back in now I just pop it back in and it just literally sits in the filter sized kind of hole, that goes into the cabin OK so there is a ridge that this top bit fits in that you have to get in first and then this side will clip in afterwards get it back down and then cause we haven’t ripped out the pins from rubber you don’t need to fiddle to try and fit them back in you literally just push them back down, that’s it!

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