45 thoughts on “Justin Moore – The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home (Director’s Cut)

  1. April 10th 2009 I almost lost my life in a fire. I had just turned 18 and we had a working woods fire. If it hadn't been for my fellow firefighters and EMS sisters that day I would have had a heart attack or heat stroke. I was on the verge before EMS could get to me. Last thing I remember was coming out of the woods and collapsing right on the back of the truck. This song hits home for me as I didnt know If i was gonna make it back home. But 10 yrs later I'm still here fighting fire but today i know my limits and try not to over do it

  2. I am the dad of a teenager, so I am using his account since this is my ipad. I was actually, shot in the lower chest 2 days ago on a police traffic stop. all should respect the flag

  3. So this video is to all
    Soldier,marines,sailors and airmen
    Police officers
    Those who died during a school shooting

  4. Thank you all my fellow vets!! Including the first responders!! You are my family!!! We fight so they can be free!! God bless and protect my family!!

  5. I absolutely love this video and the song. It hits home. I’m a volunteer firefighter and working getting into law enforcement. To all my brothers and sisters out there working such jobs I love you all stay safe and let’s all go home

  6. Give me the names of those who don't like this song or video. I'll make them realize the meaning of it

  7. When i hear this song it reminds me of my brothers who died while walking through the valley of death and i have massive respect for them

  8. When I first heard this song I thought of my cousin who died of cancer in March.  He did serve. RIP Oty

  9. Great song! that's realy awesome! I'm from Brazil and I wish one day have the oportunity to see your show! Good job!

  10. Here is to the ones that had to go for all of us. the ones that did all they could to protect us. We thank all of them. ????????????

  11. i have cried everytime i here this song because my father may not be alive. he may still be alive, not at war though but living in his truck was the last thing i knew about him. i always thank him to myself even thought he is a retired vet he is still worth thanking; my parents got divorced which is the reason why the only thing i know is he is or was living in his truck

  12. My grandpa was a Vietnam veteran and he saw some scary things and I just pray for the wounded,the ones that didn't make it back home and soldiers in general
    GOD BLESS AMERICA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  13. Well I hear this song ever day at least 6 times as I lost a firefighter that graduated with my dad now stand for the flag ??????????????????????????

  14. 135 dislikes these people take your place in the fight and your disrespecting stand for flag kneel for the fallen

  15. Leaving for Afganistan in 5 days… God speed to my fellow soldiers and may us all return back to our families safely

  16. I can really relate to this song . My best friends dad , basically my dad , is a firefighter and went into a house on fire and it exploded and never made it back home

  17. This reminds me of my grandpa. I wrote to him every day while he was away in the marienes. But he never came home. When my mom told me what happened I completely shut down and broke into tears. I still miss him..

  18. My grandpa was in the Korean war then my uncle was in Vietnam he was shot in the back and survived. My cousin joined the military he's leaving December 30 for basic training

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