Making the most of your inside cruise cabin

Making the most of your inside cruise cabin

Hey cruisers, I’m Sheri with Cruise Tips
TV, back with another subscriber-inspired episode. Wayne Sheng writes “we’ve booked an inside
cabin for an Alaskan cruise, what are your tips to make the most of an inside cabin”? Wayne also wants to know what ONE thing you
shouldn’t miss on a cruise to Alaska. We answered that part of his question in Vlog
#5, so be sure to check that out. Well, Wayne, thanks for asking. We’ve sailed twice to Alaska in inside cabins,
and yes the first time was a little cramped, but we’ve learned how maximize the space
since then. Here are a few tips, mostly focused on how
to organize your stateroom and get the most out of limited cabin space:
#1- On embarkation day, unpack and slide your luggage under your bed. It will be out of sight and out of the way
for your entire cruise and won’t take up valuable closet space. #2- Use your wall space wisely by packing
some super strong magnets, like these. We like to create a “grab and go” area
near our front door where we hang sweatshirts, cruise cards on lanyards, hats, and anything
else might we not want to forget on the way out the door. #3- Pack a pop up hamper to pop in your closet
to keep dirty clothes in their place. #4- Maximize your closet space by packing
hanging organizers, for jewelry, watches and other small items. You’ll likely have more closet space than
countertop space, so planning ahead in this area can really pay off. If you have a lot of devices that require
charging, look into a USB charger like this, and leave the other chargers home. #5- And lastly, this isn’t really an organization
tip, but it’s something we think is useful. On most ships, you can set your tv to a bridge
cam channel, so you can always see what’s going on outside. You can watch the ship glide in and out of
ports, and even check the sea conditions. This helps minimize that cooped up feeling
that sometimes comes with an inside cabin. If you like these tips, be sure to check out
our video on how to organize your stateroom where we go into a little more detail about
how we lay out our stateroom, use our drawer space, and maximize storage space in the bathroom. That’s it for this episode. Thanks for watching. If you have any tips you’d like to share
with Wayne, please leave them in the comments below. Until next time, we’ll see you on the high
seas! Hey, click me to subscribe.

21 thoughts on “Making the most of your inside cruise cabin

  1. Hi Sheri! Could you tell me where you purchased the magnets? You obviously know how well they work, so I wouldn't want to buy a different brand that didn't work as well, or at all. Thanks!

  2. Great tips! We use a USB hub also and love how not only do they save space in the luggage but you can save your power outlets for other more important things like hair dryers and curling irons. Personally I'm an Anker fanboy so I have their 6 port with Quick Charge feature(if your phone supports that).

    One thing we really find handy in an interior cabin is a small flashlight. Since there are no windows its pitch black in there so it makes getting up to use the bathroom much easier. Theres nothing worse than stubbing your toe on something and waking up your cabin mates. Plus Should an emergency every happen we will be prepared!

  3. Great tips! We also stayed in an inside cabin for an Alaskan cruise, but why stay in your cabin? There are wonderful decks everywhere with great views. Grab a coffee, and get outdoors! Here's our Alaskan cruise adventure:

  4. Sheri I love all of your videos! Getting ready for a cruise is stressful were heading out in 20 days and I'm still getting stuff together. Right now I am working on a packet with our boarding passes, public health questionnaire, driving directions,  money for tips, extra paper for notes and other things. I am also working on a Grandparent folder with a contact list, doctor consent form and our itinerary. I was wondering if you do anything like this for when you travel and if so what do you include in your packets. Thank you in advance.

  5. Hey Sheri! I just LOVE watching your videos. I have been counting down my days since it was like 158 days until cruise day. Watching your many videos has helped pass the time. I can't wait to go on my cruise on SATURDAY! Three days! Thanks Sheri! You're the best.

  6. Just came back from an Alaska cruise in the Grand Princess, and we had an inside cabin. We were super lucky since we were on the Aloha Deck in the aft. At the end of the corridor (4 or 5 staterooms away) was the glass door to one of the terrace pools. We only needed to peek out of our door and see if it was day or night, or even get an idea of the weather, not bad for an inside cabin! Next time I'll definitely book a cabin like this!

  7. Hi Sheri.. could you do a video on how to make the most of shorter duration cruises between 2-5 days thanks love your vids

  8. Great tips (1 year later) — late to your channel but gives me some ideas as I may want to cruise next year alone (my partner not into cruises) and those RCI Inside Cabins with virtual windows may do the trick!

  9. What do you usually do with that hamper full of dirty clothes? Do you wash it in the cruise laundry room or do you keep it in there until you put it in your luggage to go home?

  10. Since I just discovered your videos I have been on overdrive trying  to get all your tips. Discovered the shipmate app for my phone. Thanks. Only 77 days til  the Caribbean Princess and Panama Canal. Am getting excited,

  11. I would have never thought of placing the tv on the deck views I like that idea! My May cruise is an interior cabin

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