Norwegian Bliss Studio Cabin Tour With Studio Lounge

Norwegian Bliss Studio Cabin Tour With Studio Lounge

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cruisers and book your activities right in the app hey cruisers we just had the
wonderful opportunity to spend a few days onboard Norwegian Bliss and we were
totally blown away by the beautiful studio cabins in the studio lounge we
wanted to talk just a little bit today about the pros and cons of these cabins
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discount codes for you there now back to Norwegian Bliss studio cabins let’s talk
about the pros and cons so some of the pros of the studio cabins is that they
can be a really really good deal work with your travel agent though to compare
the prices between a studio cabin and another type of cabin with just a single
supplement super important that you do that number 2 pro you can meet new
friends there are people who want to meet new friends and these single cabins
take advantage of the lounge and get to know other folks now one of the things
that I did not know until very recently is that these studio lounges in this
studio area is very exclusive and comes with its own coordinator or cocea or if
you will who helps you to get to know each other they arrange meetups they
walk you down to dinner they get show reservations for you it’s the coolest
thing ever and it is a feature that you don’t have in other cabins I think
that’s a wonderful thing to take care of and they have coffee snacks and some
beverages in the studio lounge gorgeous gorgeous place to meet new
friends and be with like-minded people it’s a very very well-equipped
area so let’s talk a little bit about the studio cabins themselves in my
opinion for a tiny cabin these are very well equipped the bed is a very nice
size they have gorgeous flat screen TVs plenty of storage and in my opinion a
very suitable bathroom so no surprise that Norwegian was voted one
of the best cruise lines for solo travelers by porthole cruise magazine
for years on end this is an awesome spot but there are some cons let’s talk about
it if you do not like small cabins these may not be right for you these are some
pretty snug little cabins for some folks so take that into consideration if you
feel that you need a little bit of extra space when cruising also price now we
mentioned that is one of the pros that can also be a con you really want to
check to see how these are priced compared to other cabins with a single
supplement before you take the plunge another con is sometimes just sometimes
there’s limited availability there are only a certain number of these cabins on
certain Norwegian ships and they can sell out very very fast so make sure
that you book very early now that’s all the cons that I can think of if you’re
the type of person who doesn’t spend a whole lot of time in your cabin you’re
just one of those people who says I only shower and sleep in my room this might
be a great choice for you let’s take a look at studio cabin one two five zero
one a deck 12 studio all cabins on bliss use energy-saving key card slots to keep
the cabin lights and power on any card will do the trick this room features a flat-screen TV
telephone a bedside lamp and two USB chargers beside the bed the closet is
ample for one person and holds the safe on a lower shelf and the stool you see here can double as
a small table and can be found in most cabins on bliss we love the use of
vertical storage space near the sink and the hand soap dispenser that replaces
bar soap the spacious shower features an adjustable showerhead that can also be
used handheld conditioning shampoo shower gel and a glass door the sink and
shower are in the main living area but the toilet is in its own room with a
door there’s a full-length mirror between the shower and toilet room the
virtual window near the bed even has a screen you can close the studio lounge for studio passengers
is a great place to meet other solo travelers and enjoy coffee wine snacks
and other refreshments if you have ever sailed in a Norwegian studio cabin any
ship not just Norwegian bliss tell us all about your experience in the
comments below we’d love to learn a little bit more and get a dialogue going
about this thank you so much for tuning in today to this fun episode on studio
cabins on Norwegian Bliss we hope you’ve enjoyed it and until next time we’ll see
on the high seas

61 thoughts on “Norwegian Bliss Studio Cabin Tour With Studio Lounge

  1. Fabulous video!! 🎉🎉🎉

    I really like these cabins. Definitely think NCL are in the lead for solo cruising.

    Shame there isn’t any balcony solo cabins. They have them on P&O!

  2. Just because someone is a solo cruiser – it doesn’t mean the other solo passengers are like minded people!!

  3. Way too small for me! Would be like living in a walk-in closet for a week!! I like a real desk with phone on the desk – not the wall!! And that shower in the cabin right by the entry door – nope!!

  4. Actually looks quite cozy for a solo cruiser. I wonder if anything less than 7 days, or Spring Break / Party Weekends, are a bad idea for these types of cabins, to avoid neighbors with ulterior motives. The opportunity for solo travelers, happy singles, and divorced/widowed is a fantastic addition to these ships.

  5. The solo cabins on RCL have balconies, human sized bathrooms, and no single supplement. Step it up NCL! No one wants to shower in their bedroom. I'm surprised they didn't improve this on Bliss.

  6. I stayed in a studio cabin on Escape and found it perfect and a very good price. I am booked on the Bliss for a 12 day cruise but opted for a balcony due to the length of the cruise. Seven days or less is ideal for the studio cabin. Plenty of room, never felt cramped. I would absolutely book another studio cabin.

  7. These look perfect especially if you're not going to spend too much time in your cabin and want to enjoy the ships facilities doing the day and just use the room for a minimum time like for sleeping

  8. I have travelled on the Escape in the Solo cabins. I thought it was a great experience and was looking forward to my trip on the Bliss in a solo cabin (but had to cancel my trip). One thing I noticed by your room tour: It looks like the bed in the Bliss solo cabins is smaller than the Escape beds. Narrower by about 4 inches or so.

  9. That’s awesome!!! I wouldn’t mind living in something like that if I were single or working aboard ship.

  10. I think if this makes traveling more available for the solo cruiser with a price they can now afford, it is a great idea. The more options the better…the water closet is an interesting idea but I’m not sure how I would feel in the “ singles lounge”. I think they did a great job for this sector of cruising!

  11. If the shower is in the room what keeps the steam from dampening the bed or your clothes? How do you not dampen the floor or bed with water on your body? I'm sure that shower isn't big enough to do a total body dry job before exiting.

  12. Love the studio cabins on NCL. Had no problem spending 15 days in one on the Panama Canal cruise and have been in the studios on the Getaway 3 times. Lounge is a great place to hang out or even just run down for a snack and juice/water before bedtime. And the lounge has the best coffee maker on the whole ship!

  13. i love the studio cabin i have been in the solo cabin several times, i love it. i have been on getaway, twice in the solo cabin, NCL escape once, i am booked on this ship in the solo cabin area, I wish they would design a solo cabin with a balcony option next. love this sectioned off area. some people are booked in this cabin who travel with others they are in the studio cabin so they can have a room by themselves but they are with a group. Me i love it .

  14. Great video! Love the studio cabins on NCL! (Bliss is gorgeous!) My brother and I went on a cruise together a few years back and got adjoining studio cabins on the Breakaway .. it was awesome!! It was less expensive than sharing a cabin and we each got our own bathroom and private space.. we just shut the door between when we wanted privacy! Otherwise we kept it open and enjoyed each other's company! The lounge area is awesome and was never crowded. Bed was perfect size for 1 and very comfortable. We didn't take advantage of the singles coordinator or activities at all but was nice to have the option! Would def consider a solo cruise in a solo cabin/suite on NCL!

  15. thanks for the informative tour of a solo cabin. now i have something to compare too. my last cruise was on escape in a balcany room so i dont know if i could go that small

  16. I find it so funny the shower is in the open but the potty has its own door and you are the only one in the cabin. What is wrong with this? LOL Free shower show if you meet someone? LOL

  17. I am sold on these cabins! I recently went on a cruise & made.a mistake & shared a 175 sq ft cabin with 3 others. The NCL solo cabins look amazing & i like the lounge idea for morning coffee & late night drinks. Cannot wait to sail on NCL!!

  18. This would be great with a proper bathroom. I don't like the sink and shower included in the main part of the cabin.

  19. I really wouldn’t enjoy the shower being in main living area. Water will escape at some point and splash.

  20. As an NCL fan I have to say Sheri, you were all over it on this video! I have, for fun priced solo cabins, and several times I have found virtually the same price for an inside with supplement. Of course if the opportunities for meeting people are a priority it is a great option. I usually put my blood donor card or something like that in the light slot just so I don't forget my key card in the room, great tip! I do try to remember to pull it out enough for the lights to go out.

  21. I’ve booked a Studio Cabin on RCI’s “Adventure of The Seas” Sept. 28 ~ OCT. 8 NYC > Quebec, will be interesting to what it’s like…

    On an unrelated topic, any one ☝🏻 able to tell me, why in the comments below that have had replies made, why is it I can’t read the replies⁉️🤔

  22. I have been on over 20 cruises and the studio cabin on the Escape is by far my favorite cabin. Now I haven't been in The Haven or similar suites on other lines, so I can't compare it to them. For a solo traveler NCL's studios are great.

  23. Great video! I've stayed in the studio cabins on both Breakaway and Escape. I love them! I traveled with my sister and niece who had balcony cabins on both ships, so I was able to enjoy their balcony! This ship is very different in the color scheme. I loved the studio cabins on the other ships because they were bright and cheery! These are very muted I think. Still beautiful though! 👍😁

  24. I recently disembarked from Norwegian Breakaway, where I booked a studio cabin after the recent passing of my husband. The Breakaway studio cabins look almost identical to your tour of a studio on the Bliss. The studios are very trendy, and I loved the free specialty coffee in the studio lounge (instead of paying in the cafe – even with ultimate beverage package!) I didn't have time for any of the solo traveler activities or solo traveler concierge and felt that feature was overrated. I showed for the initial meeting and not many others showed up. I really missed the ocean access of a balcony. I ended up booking a balcony, traveling solo, for my Bliss cruise in August.

  25. I sailed on the Getaway Last year April and had a studio cabin. I loved it. But the bed on the Bliss looks a little smaller. Planning on going to Alaska next year in June. But will be with family. I’ve booked a balcony cabin. But thinking of changing it to a ocean view family cabin which looks a little larger. And that will be on the Bliss..

  26. Stayed in a solo cabin on the Escape and really enjoyed it. This cabin on the Bliss looks a little smaller to me, at least the bed looks like a twin where on the Escape it was a full. Also you are correct about pricing. I was pricing a 10 day Western Caribbean out of New Orleans and noticed the price for the solo cabin was the same as a regular interior cabin. Really didn't expect that but maybe the higher price is because the Bliss is a new ship. Never spent much time in the lounge because I met some people the during the sail away party and hung out with them the whole time.

  27. The virtual window looks better than Royal Caribbean’s, I feel the virtual balcony was at a awkward spot, I wanted it to be opposite from the foot of the bed but it seems it’s on the side of the bed. For a window it looks better to be beside the bed, and balcony to be across the bed

  28. I recently went on p and o pacific aria it was so amazing for kids and adults it was so great that we are planning another p and o cruise soon don't listen to the people saying the crew are rude and ignore them its fake they are so nice and generous

  29. Norwegian Bliss –> November 17 Thru November 24 (Miami, Sea Days 2x, St. Thomas, Tortola, Sea Day, Bahamas, Miami)
    My next sailing and it will be my 5th time sailing with Norwegian, 18th cruise so far!

  30. I'm booked in a Studio cabin on the Bliss on 1/19/19. Do you or anyone else here have a preference on which Studio deck is better/preferable?

  31. They must be worth it, couldn't get one and had to cough up the extra for a balcony stateroom. I traveled solo, and I loved it, hardly spent any time in that stateroom with late nights on the shows, the casino, and the aft theater. Save some money take the studio, and go out and have fun. Just arrived back from the cruise and I'm exhausted, could hardly get more than 4 hours of sleep. Next time, its the studio for me.

  32. I was on The Bliss for the inaugural trip through The Panama Canal and it was awesome. I stayed in a Studio. 🙂 BTW I've sailed in a Studio now on The Bliss, Epic, Escape and Breakaway and I highly recommend them! 🙂

  33. I travel by myself and have never taken a cruise because it always seemed geared to couples and way too expensive. It's good know that the cruise industry is waking up to the idea that more and more travellers are solo. I'd like to try this. Especially if the port excursions are done as a group. I wouldn't want to be by myself walking around a Caribbean island, I'd want to be with other people from my cruise.

  34. Great videos. Do you know of any of these single cabins have balcony at reasonable rates for a single traveller. I really want a balcony but don't want to pay single supplement? Prefer going out of Florida. Appreciate any help. Thx

  35. This is awesome! I'm 63 and been single since dirt was still a rock! I was talking about going on a cruise alone and I know I would love it but the one thing that stops me is that I would have to pay the same as a couple. I haven"t taken my first cruise yet and now I may have a chance to afford it! I haven't taken very good care of myself since I've lost 2 adult sons. Before you know it….10 yrs have passed and I'm still sitting in the same recliner! I'm ready to take back my life!!! Seriously….I"m a 3 yr old right now!! Thank you so much for your hard work!!

  36. awsome vlog this is why i travel ncl cause i have been on 3 and going on my 4 th on saturday studio cabins for single travellers way to go

  37. I've noticed in many of these cabin tour videos, that there is NO electrical outlet near the bed. As I must sleep with a CPAP machine, I get the feeling that I cannot take a cruise because I would have to run the electrical cord across the cabin to the plug on the desk area and that would be a safety issue (waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom). Did I miss something? My partner is not a fan of cruising and I would like to try a cruise again so a Solo cabin may be an idea, but no outlets bedside would be a deal breaker!

  38. I was on a Bahamas cruise in March of last year on the Norwegian Epic in a Studio cabin and I loved it. The big difference between the Epic Studio cabins and what you've shown for the Bliss Studio cabin is the size of the bed. On the Epic the bed too up most of the floor space for the cabin and left only a small area near the sink clear to access the stool and small desk. The layout of the Bliss Studio cabin looks better thought out and the Studio Lounge larger. I found that the Studio Lounge is a great place to get away for some peace and quiet if the Pool Deck is crowded.

  39. oh my that looks like a twin bed…??? l have stayed in a solo cabin on the getaway for 3 cruises and the bed is a full size bed

  40. Not sure why anyone would want to stay in one of these poorly designed rooms. It reminds me of a camper, with the toilet i n a separate room…Yuck. Bring your Lysol for that door handle!!! There's not even a seat in the solo room! An inside room is cheaper, even paying the double occupancy rate for only 1 person, and offers 1/3 more room space, and a much larger bathroom that is all within one room, and comes with 2 single beds that can be pushed together to sleep 1-2 people. Solo travelers are being grossly overcharged for these studio rooms, and the lounge seems dismal at best. Free coffee….Big deal, an inside room comes with a coffee maker! And it's one studio lounge for 3 floors of solo cabins, so you may have a long walk for that "free" cup of joe. Don't be a fool!!

  41. On Norwegian, Solo Travelers rule… The Studios are a great idea and very successful. I've stayed in Studios on the Epic, Getaway and Escape. I'm getting ready to book the Bliss for Christmas. The cabins are nice, compact and everything one needs in a place to sleep, shower and get ready for your next activity. If you want to relax and loll around in a cabin, then book a balcony, but if you're a true solo traveler and want to experience the ship, the ports and even meet other like-minded cruisers, then a Studio is perfect. The Lounge is FABULOUS! Now there's the place to find your new friends who aren't attached to someone else. Solo travelers aren't necessarily singles, but the one thing we all have in common is we love to travel. The biggest + for me is the Concierge. She/he takes care of getting people together for activities, dinner, shows. LOVE NCL Studios and I can't wait to experience the Bliss this December!

  42. I just been on the Joy with is a sister ship to the Bliss. The Joy doesn’t have studio cabin. I got a fantastic single rates on back to back cruise for 28 day.

  43. Christmas 2020 will be my 1st solo cruise, so I'm watching all the videos I can on the studio rooms! I hope they all have that wine station😂😎🍷

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