Welcome to Bachelor’s Cooking. Today we’ll teach you to make Paneer Manchurian. This is somewhat like an Indo-Chinese Dish. However, its more of a fusion recipe, as Chinese don’t use Paneer, they use Tofu. So, let’s begin making Paneer Manchurian. Turn on the flame. Add 1 tsp Refined oil. Sesame oil is used while preparing authentic Chinese Cuisines. You may use Refined oil as well. As always, when the oil becomes hot, add Ginger to it. Add some Garlic as well. Fry it slightly, do not make it brown. Add some Spring Garlic and julienned Carrots. We’ve sauted the Carrots. Now, we’ll add some Cabbage and toss it. Cook these on high flame and then, add some Capsicum. Saute them well. The vegetables are not fully cooked in Chinese Cuisines. Now, we’ll add 1 tsp Soya Sauce. Add 1 tsp Chilli Sauce. However, you can add more if you want it to be more spicy. Add 1 tsp Green Chilly Sauce as well as 1 tsp Garlic Chilly Sauce & toss them. We’ll add some Vinegar to it to get some sourness & saute it. Add 200 gms of Paneer (Cottage Cheese) and cook it carefully so that the Paneer gets a coating of sauces. Now, we’ll add some Salt. Always remember to add less amount of Salt as the sauces already contain the same flavor. Then, add some Black Pepper powder and toss it. Add some Spring Onions and leave some for garnishing later. Now, add some Water to it. Let it boil properly. Stir it slightly and let it boil. The Paneer will become quite soft after boiling and it will absorb all the sauces. People generally fry the Paneer and use it but since we want to make a healthy dish, we have added the Paneer without frying. The gravy has started to boil. We’ll now add Cornflour which has been mixed with water. This will make the gravy quite thick. Remember to stir it well and then add it to the ingredients. also, use cold water to stir the corn flour. Always stir the corn flour before adding it to the ingredients. Add the corn flour on all sides so that it gives the gravy a thick consistency. We’ve add 4-5 tsp of Cornflour mixture to it. Cook it for a while to reduce the rawness of the Cornflour so that the gravy becomes thick. The gravy has become nice and thick. Now we’ll turn off the flame and serve. We’ll garnish it with some Spring Onions. Turn off the flame and serve.

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