Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E38 (27 Nov 2019)

Well, good evening, everybody. I’m Richard Osman, this is
the House Of Games. It is Wednesday. I’ve been joined all week
by four lovely celebrities. We’re having a great time. One of them, at the end of the week,
is going to win this trophy. Who are we joined by this week? We are joined by Charlene White, Gregg Wallace, Holly Walsh and Chris Hollins. Welcome back, everybody. It’s been a very competitive week
so far. It has. Everybody scoring well. Two separate winners,
Holly and Chris, have both won one. Chris… Yes. You won yesterday.
How did that feel? It was a magnificent, warm feeling and to share that gardening glove
with you, Charlene. It was a very special moment.
It was a magic moment. Chris Hollins won
some House Of Games gardening gloves and he very kindly gave…
Was it the left or the right glove? It was the left. Charlene. So watch out on ITV News.
She’ll be wearing it, I suspect, next week,
probably straight after this. Straight after this, yes. Holly. Yeah. You won on Monday. Shall we take a look
at the weekly leaderboard? Yes, do. Gregg, welcome back.
You haven’t won one yet. You and Charlene yet to get off the
mark. Yeah. I suspect you both will. We win a daily prize
at the end of each show. Shall we have a look at the prizes
on offer for today? I’d like to see what else
I can’t get. There we go. Is that a pasta machine?
It is a pasta machine. You’re the first person to say that. Bookends there as well, dartboard. What do you think you’d go for,
Gregg? The robe, is the robe? Oh, yeah, you can have the robe.
Oh, the robe! How about the wig?
Is that an option? LAUGHTER
Thank you! Charlene, you’ve been very good
on the buzzer, you’ve had a few very good rounds,
but two fourth places. I know, but I’m proud
of those fourth places. And they’ve been very close
fourth places. Yes, they have. But I took a chance yesterday with
a couple of things. Exactly right. And that’s all one can ask for,
really, is to take a chance. A lot of the questions,
these three just sit back, going, “I’m terrified,”
and you’re straight in. You know,
because I’ve got confidence and belief in myself,
even if the question is wrong. You are not a million miles away
from getting an effort point, I tell you that. I know!
I tell you that for nothing. It’s Wednesday, it’s House Of Games.
Shall we play? CONTESTANTS: Yes! Every time I press this buzzer,
a new game comes up. You never know what it’s going
to be. Our first game today is… You see, we’ve changed a letter
to make Mouse Of Games from House Of Games.
Now, that’s what we’ve done with a series of quiz shows. Charlene, we’ll start with you. OK. I’ll give you a bit of extra time,
don’t worry. We’ve invented an imaginary new
quiz show by changing one letter of an existing quiz show, and
this is a clue to our new quiz show. What is this quiz show
with one letter changed? Unfortunately, I can’t remember what Anne Robinson’s quiz show
was called. Uh-oh, that is a problem.
Do you remember her catchphrase? HOLLY: You are the… Oh, yes. So what letter
am I changing then? Well, it’s up to you. Oh, the Weakest Wink. There we go! Gregg, we’ve changed the name
of a quiz show for you. What’s it called? What was it called? Countdown? Was it Countdown? No. No, it was called… Can I have a P, please, Bob? And you had to get the letters
and go across the board. Yes. But I can’t remember
what it was called. Gregg, are we going to time you
out? Yeah, sorry, I can’t remember the name
of the game. As soon as we time… Wait for the
sound before you press your buzzers. TIME-OUT SOUND Oh, Holly wins the buzzer race. What’s the answer? Blockbuskers. Blockbuskers, change the T to a K. Holly, it is your turn now. Is it The Chafe? Oh, that’s a good one, that is
a good one! That’s a good one. That’s actually old English
for The Chase. Yes, that’s what they called it.
Ye Olde Chafe. Chris, we’re going to give you
a quiz show now. We’ve changed one letter
and here’s the new synopsis. Why is it I know every other answer
and then this one comes up? Typical, isn’t it? Pat Sharp. I can see the hair, I can see the gunge.
I’ve no idea what it is. I’m going to be timed out. So, the second you hear the sound,
you can buzz in. TIME-OUT SOUND Holly, what’s the answer?
Nun House? The Fun House becomes
the Nun House. APPLAUSE That’s the end of that pass.
For the next run, we have taken some stage musicals. We’ve changed the titles
by one letter, but what are these new musicals? Charlene, here’s yours. Oh, Gregg knows it.
I like to see that. ..friendship between
the ruler of Siam… That’s really funny,
that’s really clever. It’s a good one, isn’t it? Er… I don’t know. In my head, I’ve got Phantom Of The Opera,
but I don’t know why. Shall we time you out? Yeah, time me
out. Fingers on buzzers, everybody. TIME-OUT SOUND Gregg Wallace. The King And H. Oh, clever! Changed The King And I
to The King And H. He’s from Steps
and from the alphabet, isn’t he? Yeah, there you go.
That would be a great musical. That would be a great musical. Just Elvis and H from Steps,
alternating songs. Yes. Gregg, a point for you
and it’s your turn. What stage musical have we changed
a letter of here? Erm…South Pacific… HE MUMBLES South Pacific.
And who is the star of Pretty Woman? What is her name? The male star.
The male star, yeah. I really don’t know.
You’re going to have to time me out. Time you out.
TIME-OUT SOUND Holly. Is it Gere To Eternity? Ooh, it might be. From Gere To Eternity. I’ll give you that. Well done. Yeah, well done.
APPLAUSE Holly, what is this musical?
We’ve changed one letter. Gregg’s got it. I don’t know.
It’s lovely when you get it. Are we timing you out?
Yeah, time me out. TIME-OUT SOUND Gregg. Mersey Boys. Oh, yes! The Jersey Boys becomes
the Mersey Boys. APPLAUSE
Well done. Yeah, well done. I tell you, there’s a lot of points
being scored, but is anyone getting points on
their own questions on this round? Chris, what is this musical? This is one of my favourite musicals and I can’t think what it’s called. Oh, come on! Has anyone got the musical?
HOLLY: I think so. Come on, Christopher, Christopher.
It’s, erm… All I can think of is
Good Morning Vietnam, but it’s not. It’s, erm… It’s such a beautiful song,
the songs in it. Shall we time you out, Chris?
You’ll have to time me out. Oh, my God, this is so annoying. Fingers on buzzers anyone else
if you fancy it. TIME-OUT SOUND Holly. Is it Miss Fungion,
or something like that? It’s not Miss Fungion. You’ve got the right musical. Yeah. Miss Saigon is the musical
we changed one letter of. Shall I tell you? Yeah. Oh, God! It was Moss Saigon. I can’t believe
I didn’t get Miss Saigon. THEY GROAN
Oh, no, no. That is the end of that round.
How did you do at home? Slightly better, I hope.
Shall we take a look at the scores at the end of our first round? Holly, early leader
with four points. APPLAUSE Let’s play round two.
Round two today is… You had to do a little bit
of homework for this one. I asked all of you to send me
a title of an ’80s comedy film but you could only use emojis. What we’re going to do now is split
into pairs. Chris, the person in last place
gets to choose their partner. You’re currently in last place,
which is the first time for you. Who would you like to play with? Er, well, the only person I haven’t
played with so far is Holly, right? Lovely.
Chris and Holly stay together, Charlene and Gregg,
you are staying together. You. Yes! You are now going to have to guess
your partner’s film. Charlene, you’re going
to have to guess the film that Gregg sent me
only using emojis. It might be the title, could be
the plot, could be anything. But what you’re going to see
is Gregg’s effort. Sorry, love! I’m really sorry. Can you tell us, Charlene, what ’80s comedy film
is Gregg Wallace describing here? Anger, devil, ghosts. Death Becomes Her? No. Was it Death Becomes Her, Gregg?
No. If you’d had to have a guess,
what would you have gone for? Well, the only one I would have said
is that looks like Ghostbusters’ building
and the ghosts around it. It looks like it to me.
Is that right? No. Isn’t it Ghostbusters? No.
It was a really difficult one to… I would have sworn
that was Ghostbusters. That looks like their little
hideaway. What was it, Gregg? Little Shop Of Horrors. Oh! It’s a little shop,
24-hour shop. And a whole bunch
of different horrors. Oh. That is a tough one to get.
Really difficult. Holly, you are now going to try and
decipher Chris’s ’80s comedy film. He did admit to us that he has
never used an emoji before. OK. So, this will be interesting. The Breakfast Club.
Is it The Breakfast Club? Oh, well done! Brilliant. Wow! Brilliant! That’s a very good one.
That’s really good. I was honestly going,
“Bacon, coffee…” Bacon Coffee Club. Is Kevin Bacon in it? Yeah.
Very well played. Gregg, you are now going to have to
guess Charlene’s ’80s comedy film. I’m sure her explanation is going
to be better than mine. Just say what you see.
Say what you see. Say what you see. Say what you see. Crying… Crying Part… Crying… I’ve got one, but it’s definitely
not a comedy. Yeah, I… I think I know
which one you think it is. Yeah. No. Have you got that at home? Tear Couple. Are you giving up, Gregg? Yeah.
Charlene, put us out of our misery. Blues Brothers. Oh, that’s so good! Yeah. That’s not bad.
That is really good. Well done if you got that at home. Chris, you now have to decipher
Holly’s emojis. What is this? Right… Ooh… Now… I like the way it ends. Yeah. There’s an aubergine there. Which of course is the universal
symbol for moussaka. Of course. There’s sunshine, there is a beach,
there’s a love story. I think you’ve told the whole story.
Yeah. It’s either Mamma Mia!…
But the fact it’s an ’80s film, it’s got to be Shirley Valentine.
Yeah. Is it Shirley Valentine? It is Shirley Valentine. Well done, both of you. That is sensational.
That is beautifully done, Holly. The thing about the aubergine is
it has two very good meanings which both apply to this. It is
the universal sign for moussaka. CHARLENE: It’s also the universal
sign for other things, too. Exactly, so it works perfectly.
Very, very good. Great emojis from everybody there. Let’s take a little look at
the scores at the end of round two. A four-point lead
after just two rounds, Holly Walsh. It could all go wrong.
How about that? You had the lead yesterday,
didn’t you, and Chris caught you up? Yeah, exactly. Let’s move on,
shall we, to round three? Let’s see what we’re going
to play today. It is… On this one, we make answers
out of the letters in your name. We will start with Charlene’s name,
Charlene White. We’ll ask you two questions. The answers are all somewhere
in Charlene’s name. You get a point
if you get a correct answer, but if you get a correct answer
on your own name, you score two points. Oh! Yeah. Yes, Chris. I have forgotten
what I was going to say. OK. Gregg? Caramel. It’s not caramel. Yes, Holly?
Treacle. That’s the right answer.
Well played. That’s a good thing to have
in your name. That’s a really good thing to have. And here’s the next one
based on Charlene White’s name. Yes, Chris? Clarinet.
Is it clarinet? It is. Well done. Wow! APPLAUSE
Clarinet. Another good thing
to have in your name. Very good. Treacle and clarinet.
Gosh, my name is amazing! Isn’t it just? Yes. Talking
of amazing names, Gregg Wallace. How many eggs have you got up there? LAUGHTER Gregg Wallace,
what words are in your name? One point for anyone who gets one of
these, two points if Gregg gets one. Yes, Gregg? WALL-E. WALL-E, for two points, Gregg.
Well done! Well done. WALL-E. One of my wife’s favourites.
Ah, that’s nice. And here’s your second one. Yes, Holly? Cellar. Is it cellar? Yeah. Well done. APPLAUSE You stopped me doing garage. LAUGHTER Did you know that or were you
looking through the letters? I was thinking where would
the stairs…? Stairs go up or down. That’s very good. Holly, the next two are based
on your name. One point if anyone gets one of
these, two points if Holly gets one. Yes, Holly? Shallow. Is it Shallow? It is Shallow. APPLAUSE That’s a funny one to have
in your name. Isn’t it? I guess you are what you spell.
Much less good than treacle. Yeah. Here’s your next one.
Two points there for Holly. Yes, Chris? Shoal.
Is that the right answer? Well played.
APPLAUSE Chris, we end the round with
two questions based on your name. There’s Chris Hollins up there. Yes, Gregg? Incisor? No… It doesn’t look like incisor’s
in there. Sorry. But I think it might be. It is. Wow!
APPLAUSE I would have put money on “incisors”
not being in Chris Hollins, would you not?
Amazing. Here’s the next one. Yes, Chris? Hoisin. Yes. Is it hoisin for two points? Yes! It is hoisin. Well played.
APPLAUSE That is the last question in
that round. Good round, everybody. Let’s take a look at how the scores
are looking. You’re flying, Holly. Wow! Ooh, look at this. Holly, a four-point lead. Very nice. APPLAUSE
Two rounds to go. Is Holly going to win
her second show this week? Round four could change it all.
Today, it is going to be… I’m going to win this. Excellent. This is on your tablets, please.
Tablets out. I’m going to tell you
a series of events. You just need to write down the year
in which they happened and whoever gets closest wins
the point. OK. Shall we find out
what our first one is? Write down the year this happened,
please. Nearest gets a point. What do you think at home?
Did you do this at school? Are you currently doing this
at school? When did the Hundred Years’ War end?
Oh, this is one of those rounds… Lots of rounds
I really want to play. This one, I’m so glad I’m out of. Charlene, you’ve got a look
on your face that says, “Don’t go to me first.”
Then don’t! OK, fair point. Thanks.
We’ll go to Gregg first, shall we? Gregg, the Hundred Years’ War. Do you know this
or are you taking a guess? I’m taking a guess,
but it’s medieval, so I’m guessing late medieval.
I’m guessing 1500. 1500, says Gregg Wallace. Holly, have you gone earlier?
Have you gone later? Chris, where are you? I’ve gone very precise. So heading down towards Gregg’s.
Are you all right, Charlene? Yeah, at least
I’m in the right ballpark. OK, good. What have you said? Let’s see when it ended
and let’s see who has won a point. Gregg, you get the point.
You’re closest. Well done. APPLAUSE Here’s your next one. Can you tell
me when this happened, please? Hm. It’s an interesting one, isn’t it? Holly, what have you gone for? 1909. Yeah, that sounds
kind of Steam Age-y, reasonable. 1909, says Holly.
Chris, where have you gone? 1893. See, that sounds good as well. Charlene, what’s your answer? I’ve got for 1927. 1927, a little bit later. And Gregg? 1870. 1870, the earliest of the lot. Let’s take a look.
When was it and who wins the point? That is Chris, well done.
Only just, only just. APPLAUSE
Sorry, Gregg. All right, mate. 1883. Well done if you got closest
at home. That’s good work. Final question in this round.
When did this happen, please? Again, it’s something
we’ve heard about, but when? When, Charlene, did it happen? I am so bad at this round. You and me both! Erm… When did Hannibal cross the Alps? This was before he was
in The A-Team. Yeah, he had a great plan. Yeah. Everyone in? Chris… Oh, no! I’m so sorry. I’ve got this completely wrong.
I say 150. CHARLENE: Damn! 150, says Chris. Charlene, what have you said?
I’m completely wrong. I’ve said 950,
which is completely wrong. 950. So, 150 and 950. Gregg, where are you? 400 BC. 400 BC, he’s gone. BC? That’s Greek, isn’t it? You remember BC. Before Children. And, Holly, what have you said? 927, so Charlene and Holly
very close together. Gregg has gone prehistory and… I thought it was at the end of the
Romans. The beginning of the Romans. Was it the beginning of the Romans,
was it? Let’s see. I think I’d have said about 1970.
LAUGHTER It was the World Cup. Yeah,
exactly. What have you said at home? Who were you closest to there? When did Hannibal cross the Alps
and invade Italy? Gregg, you got it. Well done. Bit too early, wasn’t I? Very, very well done. Tablets away, please. Good round. One round to go on Wednesday’s
House Of Games, one round to go. Let’s take a look at the scores
leading into that final round. Charlene consolidating fourth there. Three points ahead on ten,
Holly Walsh. APPLAUSE Let’s play our final round.
It is, as always… A point for a correct answer,
a point off for an incorrect answer. Going to show you some pictures.
Clues are underneath. Smash the answers together.
Good luck, everybody. Holly won on Monday,
Chris won on Tuesday. Who is going to win on Wednesday?
Here’s your first category. Oh, no! So those are going to be… Cleopatra. Coming at you!
I’d love it if there was. If you’ve missed a show this week,
there was some controversy over the group Cleopatra
earlier in the week, which led to some Kajagoogoo
controversy as well. I would really check it out
on iPlayer. Good luck, everybody. Here’s your
first picture and your first clue. Yes, Holly? Destiny’s Child’s Play. It is. Destiny’s Child
and Child’s Play. APPLAUSE Destiny Child’s Play.
CHARLENE: Just not quick enough. Here’s your next girl group. Oh! Yes, Chris?
HE LAUGHS Bananaramasala. Bananaramasala is
the right answer, well done. Bananarama and masala. I was thinking
Thompson Twins masala. That is fun to say though.
Bananaramasala. Spell it. Bananaramasala. It’s all the As. That’s a cocktail in the making,
isn’t it? Oh, I’ll have a Bananaramasala. That would be the worst cocktail
in the whole world. Yeah, it would be disgusting. What is it?
Well, it’s sort of banana and cumin. Here’s your last girl group. INAUDIBLE INAUDIBLE INAUDIBLE No-one? That’s Frankie, isn’t it?
Can’t remember what the group… CHARLENE: Yeah, and that’s Rochelle. HOLLY: I know that but it’s… What’s the group? It’s The, erm… Oh, OK, I can get it
if you give me… What’s the group called? The
Saturdays, isn’t it? Yeah, maybe. Charlene? Er…Saturdays Of Our Lives? Is it The Saturdays Of Our Lives? Get in!
APPLAUSE But I didn’t know it was in Salem.
That’s what threw me. Exactly.
I didn’t go for it because… Days Of Our Lives is something
we’ve never had over here but they always mention
in American dramas. In Friends they always talk about
it. The Saturdays Of Our Lives. Well done if you got that.
Here’s your next category. There’s going to be pictures
with clues underneath. Fingers on buzzers. Yes, Charlene? Stethostockholm.
Is incorrect, I’m afraid. Oh, God! Yes, Chris? Stethoscopenhagen. Copenhagen, of course it is. Oh, God! Yes, Copenhagen. Can I go into minus? Cos I’m about to go into minus…
No, you’re not. Oh, yes, cos I got one right.
You got another one, yeah. Yeah, I’d stop now. But I’m also
interested if I can go into minus. Here’s your next thing
you might find in a hospital. No-one? Shall we find out? Mm. The answer is… Oh! Dripswich. The country town… I was thinking of Bury St Edmunds. And I was thinking Dripswich…
I was thinking Dripping Norton, but that’s obviously… And I couldn’t get haemoglobin
in anything. LAUGHTER Drip and Ipswich says Dripswich. Here’s your next thing found in a hospital. I can’t think who that is.
Oh! What’s her surname? Oh, she’s not going to like this.
Shall I tell you? Mm. Oh! Oh! Bedpan and Anthea Turner. Couldn’t think of what that was.
I knew it was a bedpan. I didn’t know Anthea Turner
was showing Tracy Island. Yeah. Here is your next category. Let’s see some pictures of gadgets.
There’ll be clues underneath. It’s a very famous pudding. You get
it in lots of restaurants, Gregg. Yeah, but I don’t know
what that is. Oh, OK. And I know what that’s called,
but I can’t think what… If we can just pair up. Yeah. Yes, Chris? Spotted stick? It’s not spotted stick, I’m afraid. That’s not the pudding. Shall I tell you?
Oh, hang on, I’ve got it. Holly? USB sticky toffee pudding. Or memory sticky toffee pudding,
we’d have taken as well. Well played. APPLAUSE
Mm, memory sticky toffee pudding. Here’s your next one…
KLAXON No more. I think we know who has taken this.
On Monday, Holly won. On Tuesday, Chris Hollins won. They were three points behind her,
Chris and Gregg, before the start of this round. Let’s see who’s won
Wednesday’s House of Games. Romping home, it is Holly Walsh. Well played, Holly. Very nicely done.
Good game, everybody. Holly, what would you like to take
home with you today? The wig! The wig, yeah, how could I not? I’d like to take the dartboard. You’re taking the dartboard. Lovely. Throw darts at my face,
how delightful. Yeah. Holly Walsh wins House Of Games and wins herself
a House Of Games dartboard. Very well played.
Two wins for Holly. Let’s take a look at what that does
to the weekly leaderboard going into Thursday. It is very close at the top. Interesting stuff, isn’t it?
Battle is joined. Can anyone catch her tomorrow? I’ll
see you here, same time, same place. We’ll see you as well
on the House Of Games. APPLAUSE What I probably will do is regift it
as a Christmas present, and as long as they haven’t watched
this show, they’ll think it’s incredible.

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