The Keddie Cabin Murders (Killer Tales)

The Keddie Cabin Murders (Killer Tales)

Most of us think we know what kind of people
our neighbors are but every town, no matter how small, has dark and violent secrets. It doesn’t get much smaller than Keddie, a
Northern California resort community surrounded by dense forests with a population of less
than a hundred people. In 1981, it became the setting for a gruesome
quadruple homicide that is still officially classified as unsolved. But a closer look at the evidence reveals
that the murderers may have gotten away with the crime due to a botched police investigation
and possible cover up. This is the true story of the massacre in
Cabin 28. It’s April 11, 1981 and 36 year old Glenna
Sue Sharp is spending the evening at home with her 12 year old daughter Tina, her 10
year old son Greg and 5 year old son Rick as well as their 12 year old friend Justin
Smartt. They’re watching an episode of The Loveboat
and generally having a quiet evening. They live in Cabin 28 in the small community
of Keddie. Located 7 miles north of Quincy, California
in Plumas County, it was formerly a bustling resort, but by the early 1980s the resort
had been largely abandoned and the cabins were being rented out by low income families. The three bedroom cabin is a welcome break
for Sue, who had been thrown out of her former house by her abusive husband a year earlier
and had been living in a trailer before moving to Keddie. Her oldest daughter Sheila is spending the
night at her neighbor’s cabin, like she typically does on Saturday nights. Sue’s oldest son, 15 year old John, and his
17 year old friend Dana Wingate are trying to hitchhike their way back to Keddie after
spending the day in nearby Quincy. They are last spotted on the road between
9 and 10:15 PM. Back in Cabin 28, the young kids go to bed
and Sue stays up watching TV. Sometime during the night, two intruders enter
the home. They do so without force, either because Sue
lets them in or because the door to the cabin is unlocked. The intruders bind Sue’s hands and feet with
appliance wire and gag her with a pair of her own panties. She is then stabbed repeatedly and also bludgeoned
with a Daisy Powerline 880 rifle. It’s unclear whether Johnny and Dana are home
at this time or whether they walk in later but either way, they are both bound with medical
tape and wire. Dana is strangled to death by hand and bludgeoned. John is stabbed and also bludgeoned. The victims suffer blows from at least two
hammers, a steak knife and a butcher knife. The steak knife had been used with such force
that the blade was bent at a 25 degree angle. For an unknown reason, the intruders leave
the three small boys sleeping in the bedroom unharmed. Even more mysteriously, Tina is taken from
the cabin. The next morning, Shelia Sharp returns to
the cabin in order to fetch clothes for church when she walks in on the crime scene. Horrified, she runs back to her neighbor’s
cabin and alerts them. Sheila and the cabin’s matriarch, Zonita Seabolt,
rush across the street to Cabin 25, where the resort owner lives. Together they contact the Plumas County Sheriff’s
Office. Sheila, Zonita, and Zonita’s eldest son Jamie
return to Cabin 28. They go around back and knock on the boys’
bedroom window. To their surprise, the boys are completely
unharmed. Jamie helps Greg, Rick and Justin out of the
window and then goes up the back stairs. He finds the back door open, but the cabin
is silent and empty apart from the dead bodies. The police arrive and find bloody fingerprints
on a bottom post of the stairwell leading to the backdoor, blood on the door handle
of Sue’s car, stab marks on the walls of the living room, and a large amount of blood splatter. The intruders had cut the phone cord in the
girls’ bedroom but they hadn’t taken anything from the cabin, ruling out the possibility
that it was a robbery. Curiously, Sue’s body is the only one covered
with a blanket. In the garbage can of a nearby general store,
police find bloody tissue, a red-handled pocket knife, a cardboard box with blood on it and
bloody toilet tissue twisted at the end. Three years after the murder, fragments of
Tina’s skull and bones are discovered by a bottle collector searching for antiques in
a remote area called Camp 18 near Feather Falls, CA. Suspicion quickly fell on two men: Martin
Smartt, who was a neighbor of Sue’s living in Cabin 26 with his wife Marilyn and “Bo”
Boubede, whom Marty had met at a VA hospital where he was being treated for PTSD. Martin, Bo and Marilyn were questioned after
the murders and according to their statements, they had stopped by Cabin 28 on the day of
the murders in order to invite Sue out for drinks. She declined their invitation, so they went
to the bar without her. At the bar, Marty became angry over the music
that was playing and all three of them went back to their cabin. Marilyn claimed she went to bed shortly after,
Marty said he made a phone call to the bar to complain about the music once again and
then headed back there with Bo. Marty was reportedly a friend of Plumas County
Sheriff Doug Thomas and was rumored to have lived with him for a short time, although
Thomas has denied both claims. There’s rumors that the Sheriff also told
the two men to get out of town. Bo had lied to the police about being a former
officer, which may have been part of the reason the police were so lenient when questioning
him. In a bizarre twist, he attempted to shift
the blame to Justin but police never seriously believed that a 12 year old could have committed
the murders. Marty also made a strange unprompted claim
that he was missing a hammer with a blue handle. Years later, in 2016, a hammer matching that
description was found by a man metal detecting near the site of the murders. The Department of Justice eventually gave
the men polygraph tests that they seemingly passed, however the nature of the tests and
the reliability of the agents has also been called into question. The DOJ was also contacted years after the
murders by Marty’s therapist, who said that Marty had confessed to killing Sue and Tina
because Sue had been encouraging Marilyn to leave him, but this was another thread that
was left unexplored by the agents. After Tina’s remains were discovered, but
before they had been identified with dental records, the sheriff’s dispatcher received
an anonymous call. The tape was never admitted into evidence
and was only rediscovered recently at the bottom of a box in a unopened envelope in
the investigation’s files. Justin’s recollection of the event has wavered
throughout the years. It’s believed that he had possibly witnessed
the murders, but had either blocked out the memory of the attackers identity due to emotional
trauma or was being purposefully misleading in fear that his stepfather would harm him. He gave descriptions of the suspects while
under hypnosis and even gave a detailed account of the murders which he claimed to have seen
in a dream. The final damning piece of evidence that was
recently discovered was a letter written by Marty to Marilyn shortly after the crimes. It read: Marilyn claims not to remember reading the
letter but has confirmed that the handwriting belongs to her husband, who passed away in
2006. Bo Boubede died in 1988. It seems as though the Keddie murders are
closer than ever to being solved and maybe one day soon there’ll be justice for Sue Sharp
and her family. If you’re interested in learning more about
this case, I highly suggest visiting, where you’ll find a lot more details and in-depth
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  4. Well, THIS sure feels like "deja vu all over again": another of my favorite channels covered this same case, earlier this year. So I remember debating it in detail, not that long ago.

    I do have my reservations about the "Keddie28" site, though: if I remember right, that guy basically attacked me and called me out in an FB forum (one discussing the other video, from BuzzFeed Unsolved), for expressing a reasonable theory that he apparently didn't favor. He was very aggressive and insisted on shouting me down with multiple, long-winded posts of argument. No one else, mind you, just me (I looked).
    I wound up blocking him. So if you please, I prefer to get my info from other sources in the public domain.

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  15. I didn't hear about these already highly publicized murders until 1984 when they found the remains of Tina a few miles away… I also heard that the resort owner had Cabin 28 torn down in 2003 or 2004 due to too many thrill-seekers poking around and breaking into the property…

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