Tiny House VS WA State Senate

Tiny House VS WA State Senate

Hello my name is Hannah Rose Crabtree I’m
also here on behalf of the Washington Tiny House Association. I am a builder, I’m an advocate as well as
a tiny house dweller, on behalf of thousands of tiny house dwellers across the United States
that can’t exactly show up and say that because it is not exactly legal for that to happen. I generally work with people to figure out
a way for them to have shelter that is safe and to understand the laws that they are breaking
and break as few laws as possible in order to survive. That’s really what this bill is about and
opening these bills, opening this legislation really means that as tiny house builders have
been working to build homes incredibly cheaply and affordably, they would have access to
millions of dollars in funding that has been to set aside for affordable housing which
is incredibly exciting. So I really just want to say that pushing
these bills forward will really help, but I also want to point out that if they have
the same permit fee schedule as additional dwelling units now and detached additional
dwelling units now it is not an affordable option, because often those permit fees are
higher than the entire cost for me to build a tiny house for someone. I build tiny houses as small as 64 square
feet that have a bedroom and a kitchen and a bathroom and a place to eat. I can do that for under twenty five thousand
dollars, so if the permit fee is above that, that makes it not affordable anymore so as
I continue to fight for this county by county, jurisdiction by jurisdiction and sit in front
of zoning board by zoning board I need you to not only support this but support it with
the intent that it continues to be affordable at every single level so that I can truly
make affordable housing for people across the United States. Thank you very much. Madam Chairman: That was seriously impressive. (Applause and laughter) I was wondering if you even took a breath
in there. Thank you. Hello again this is Hannah Rose Crabtree here. I just want to talk about the massive need
for tiny house communities. I probably get asked this question more than
anything else and I have talked to hundreds of thousands of people. I’ve traveled across the entire United States
attending conventions and classes and workshops and meeting tiny home builders everywhere
and everyone says I want a tiny house community, I’m going to build a tiny house community
and I have to break down the legislation for them and how that works and how they would
have to build an R.V. mobile home park and that wouldn’t exactly work with what they’re
trying to accomplish. So let me just say that there is so much need
out there for this and I’ve had multiple people that have come up to me to say they
are ready to invest in this, that they have millions of dollars to put aside for this
but it is not legal and they cannot do it and I spend most of my life telling people
that the things that they want to do are not legal and that is why I am here right now
trying to make the things that they are trying to attempt to do legal. So there is such an incredibly huge need for
this, people will fund it, people will show up, they will live in it, if you look at the
case of Spur, Texas it was kind of a dead town and they decided yes we really a want
a town, so they invited tiny houses to come live there and they made sixty spots for people
to come and those spots filled up so fast that they’re trying to make more spots for
people to come down to Spur, Texas and live in tiny houses. So if you even look at the tiny pilot programs
that have kind of happened for counties just saying that they could possibly
do this so many people show up and live in those tiny houses. If you look at Yakima County they said yes
it’s totally fine everybody can live in their tiny houses if they totally want to, they
just have to be inspected by L&I and then L&I said we don’t have a board for this, we don’t
have a position for this, we’re not going to inspect your tiny houses so you can’t do
it. So there are many different levels of this
that have to be passed but there is the need for it, there is the support for it and we
just need it to be legal thank you very much. (Applause) Madam Chairman: You know all I can say you would have a career
doing voice over for political ads. Next testifier: Very tough act to follow yet again.

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  1. Hannah, you rock! Wow! You took the limited time allotted for speakers and just lit it up. Great job and everything you said was dead on. Thank you!

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