100 thoughts on “Venison Poutine at the Off Grid Log Cabin, The Simple Life

  1. Really enjoying all the videos! I've been keeping up with the cabin build since the beginning and I'm looking forward to what's to come! I just want to encourage all other viewers to like, share and definitely subscribe! You won't be disappointed!

  2. an ax, a simple saw and a hammer is simple enough but more complex carpentry tools that could make your building project easier does not, to me, make your video blogs less enjoyable.

  3. Another great video man. I appreciate you taking the time to educate folks like me about self Reliance. I shared your videos with one of my sons today and he was very intrested in them. You do make a difference in people's lives. Your a wonderful teacher. Peace

  4. Your wife looks to enjoy the calm when she’s there as well, that’s nice, we live in Maine and it’s very quiet and peaceful where we are, where we used to live all you could hear were planes and traffic and no it was not a city!

  5. Hello big guy. Thank you for these videos i find them very. Please share with us some of your gear your pants or boots your knife of choice your axes. Some of these things are very much interesting to us that they have never attempted to do what you're doing. I've got a great deal of respect for you! it looks like you're a pro and yet you saying that you don't know that much but I'm a carpenter and I've seen a lot of your work and you Plumb put me to shame you are a real Carpenter. I also like how that when you begin a video you bring it quietly and allow your viewers to just watch and follow along I find that very calming and peaceful and educating and inspiring. I've decided today I'm going to start praying for you and your wife and Callie. Thank you guys and gals for all that you're doing preciate it!

  6. Also tell us your layers of shirts and also your hat appears to be a leather hat of some sort let us know what those items are thanks a lot God bless

  7. One more thing that I have scene in your videos is your accent where exactly is it coming from is that Midwest mid Mid America?

  8. oh that dinner is top 10. got to fry some too tonight. made me realy hungry. that think attached to you motorsaw is a great invention. love watching your videos. very inspiering. thank you for sharing all u do 🙂

  9. Wonderful video! Thank you for all that goes into your sharing it with us. 16:03 to 16:09 is the 180 degree cut I meant. Stay safe and well!

  10. I totally agree. I just wish I would have thought about doing this with my life 10 yes ago. Now I have a bad back, knee and a bit of a bad hip. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to use some of these power tools to accomplish this soon to be project. If I didn't have these disabilities I would totally use the hand tools more. There something about doing it the old fashioned way that makes me feel like crap. Due to the fact that I can't use my limbs the way you can. Keep it up. It majorly inspiring yo watch you work. Don't get me wrong, I'm still functional, just not what I was and I'm 35. So you can imagine how hard it is mentally on me. But I don't give up easy. The military helped teach me that.

  11. Lol I'm totally getting one of those saws and jig setups. Who need home depot when you can make your own real 2×4's not those inaccurate sized ones. I no I commented yesterday but my little boy had me so busy I didn't get to Finnish the video. Hope your having a good weekend.. that's one yummy looking poutine

  12. My name is levi , i am a person with disabilities , în following you re channel and i really like what you do , i am from România , i hope you will make more videos

  13. I live in Southwest Virginia, and we eat deer meat pretty regularly around here. So, I will take a portion of the deer that are killed during the season, and have it ground up like burger. I cook with it just like it's burger as well. Spaghetti, meatloaf, tacos, etc. It tastes so much better than beef, and is better for you too. Now, my butcher does cut the deer with beef fat to make the burger, but it's 10x leaner than lean beef. I have to add coconut oil sometimes because the fat level is so low. I would rather eat wild game any day!

  14. My wife cooked the poutine as shown in the video (a recipe we weren't aware of) and it was delicious. Quite a hearty meal though, you can't eat much.

    I enjoy your videos, keep up the good work!

  15. Shawn I am new to your site Great relaxation for me to view your videos in my practice to relieve my stress levels . What is the brand of attachment for your chainsaw to cut lumber ? [email protected]

  16. With someone who has experienced GAD order for the better part of my adult life, I want to tell you how much your videos have helped me. your reflections are as wondrous as the skilled cabin life. Thank you and your family for taking time to document and share.

  17. Hi I have just discovered your videos and just like reading a very good book I don't want to put you down ,I am a Brit 82 years old and was a carpenter and learnt the trade the hard way using all hand tools so you have taken me back to my youth , thank you

  18. I enjoy your channel 100%. Extremely interesting. Where did you learn to do all of these things that you put together from scratch? Your amazing and your wife is extremely lucky, plus you can cook and supply the food. Love ya

  19. hahahahhh this trunk on the read falls just like hahahahaha shot congratulations….as they say in Brazil. You are ball show⚽⚽⚽💪👈

  20. I really like catching up with some of your older videos. You are truly inspiring a lot of us men to be more “self-reliant” to that I thank you.

  21. Imagine being a dog getting to eat shitty hard kibble and then seeing your human gorge down on some tasty meaty goodness. torture much

  22. Just found this video…after watching the others for over a year. No Disappointments here, ever. In any of your video, watching your accomplishments and enjoying your wisdom and ideas!! Keep it up!!

  23. I love watching all the videos….when Shawn starts cooking….OMG! I am going to stop now….been bingewatching for three days….need to disconnect or go wacky….either way, learning from these videos is the best. I have to work on my rug for this amazing family!!!!….lol! Calie makes me giggle….her joy at chasing anything Shawn tosses into the air, makes me envious….talk about the simple life….I am simple in so many ways!…lol😳😁😊

  24. Heiliger Strohsack, those are some superbly made Chips, and the Venison….You are an extremely good Cook! Made me hungry lol.

  25. Вы мужчина классный моладец 💖👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏

  26. Not only are you a great cabin builder and Carpenter you're also a good chef I'm watching you make those delicious meals really makes my mouth water thank you Shawn God bless

  27. This evolution of complexity ore technology and society ,is for my point of view purely economics pushed by government and multinationals .
    And I can’t coop that anymore ,in Belgium we have a small region of woods cal the Ardennes and if you want to build something on it even a small cabinet you are bounded by rules,and laws .
    You must have a connection with a electric supply company,Same as water ,septic,suers,etc .
    It makes my sick ,they are taking away everything bit by bit that my grandparents and your grandparents fought for in the last war ,that is called “freedom “ off living how you want ,moving yourself how you want eating what you want ,and everybody those not even notice it .
    For example ,diesel cars in the year 90 and 2000 the government encoring the bye one now they chasing it like a witch hunt ,because so called healthy issues, and on the other side of the border in other country’s in Europe they still allowed it and promote it ,same as industry,building non ecology housing and office buildings ,
    So the going tho put Taxes on mileage ore kilometre movement of ore cars ,cameras and systems are already installed for this project in every small town ,and that is for me a violation!
    People dyed for that things 75 years ago ,it makes me sick ,everything that helps the economy is good for the government but everything that the small people is trying to at chive is taxed ate the max ,I was building ore ether restoring a old Merced’s g wagon to start traveling off-road true the world is now stoped due to this diesel laws and Olson the Green Party of the government is trying to forbidding the old timers cars in Belgium due to so calm ecological burden,and in the port of Antwerp there are ships coming in every day that have heavy diesels engines that runs on heavy diesel just outside they Belgium coastline…that is 77 km from my town …it is ridicule.
    I towing to stop whit the negative comment ,my point is I want to go back to basic living but I am stopped by society and government ,
    And can not escape in Europe …so sad !
    See you Shawn.

  28. Just a reminder again Shawn! Please do not give Cali any food with onion. It can make a dog ill enough to die! I have read … do not let onion even touch the food they eat! If you want to give some of the meat you eat, it should be cooked separately! I noticed that most things you cook has onion. I apologize if you already know this, but i love ❤️ that dog so much, it makes my heart hurt if you can imagine that! If you could respond to me, it would be so nice! Grammy from Camarillo California!

  29. We love your purest self reliance pursuit Shawn [love love love love], BUT a chainsaw is very practical for a one man team [considering your age too]. I like that you are using the chainsaw for the big stuff like tree felling etc. Next get yourself a proper milling rig! See how successful the " The Outsider" is….

  30. why not put some of the negative comments for us to read so we can see what they are complaining about

  31. Of course you will need power tools from time to time. Whilst it's lovely, to do things the old way, and that is something we need to preserve, but using power tools when necessary, is no crime. Yes it's noisy, but occasional use, is OK.

  32. How on earth can any one give a thumbs down , 🤔, Love your videos, Escaping from the doom and gloom of every day life, X😊

  33. Watching this now 2nd time. When u mentioned outdoors etc. stress reliever. I just remembered I need new tyres, I started having a panic attack, stress reliever for me was was enjoying watching you. Lol. When u get past 71 well I wish I was out there in the snow also.😏😵🤫🤩💝🐶💖

  34. Really enjoying all the videos Shawn I like the out doors my self camping , fishing . kayaking in Perth Western Australia perch and trout fishing down the south west of western Australia

  35. Olá james,sou inscrito no canal curto muitoseus vídeos aqui no Brasil,ok um grande abraço moro em São José dos campos são Paulo brasil.

  36. A simpler life is much needed in today's lifestyle. Thanks Shawn for your insight. You have a multitude of talents and you put them to good use buddy.

  37. I love all your cooking videos, I am starting to cook like you, its so more relaxing. Keep up all you do. I really like your videos keep them coming. I enjoy what ever you film, the good the bad and the agly . Thanks so much. God Bless and keep you safe …..

  38. Your journey always seems to change (Pressing Times) but there’s a relief knowing it’s always at the crossroads and it involves just a few of your viewers who share your philosophies. Please don’t let politics change your path keep your decisions RURAL and pure. And last but not least “always catch and release “ especially when you find a fish that’s smiling and hungry “. Aloha Kekoa James and Ohana. Your Boy Kekoa.🤟🏾🐶

  39. Hello I want to know what seasonings you put on those meals you make Because they look delicious I would love to know and How can I get an oven like the one you use for your meals I always liked the taste of the food made with wood

  40. Enjoy watching your nature video very nice👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🐕🐕🐕 where calli????

  41. Thank you for editing the chainsaw scenes to be quieter, if there’s anything I hate in a construction related video it’s the chainsaws.

  42. Shawn, thanks a ton for sharing your experience and your wisdom. Found your channel a while ago and your content is inspiring. The bit at the beginning about the relationship between complexity and anxiety is spot on. Watching this on 1 JAN 2020. Happy New Year to you and yours.

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