100 thoughts on “White House says it won’t participate in impeachment hearing

  1. Trump is irrelevant..When he sold his soul to the devil(Putin) The Supreme Court, half of our elected officials, and 40% of our citizens went with it!!!

  2. I suppose trump will next declare all congress null and void and declare that from hence forth, Putin will be the supreme commander of America.

  3. trump and "team" will not participate simply because there is no defense for his outrageous and National abusive behavior.

  4. Its my ? party, I cry want to. Cry if want to.
     MAGA Money and greed america?  #wherestheaidmoney
    35 million lost?

  5. JohnCook Australia ??. Big girls don’t cry . Unless of course they’re Ttump and you run around crying “HOAX “ and the incorrect “. “ WITCH HUNT “ Although maybe the use of WITCH instead of WARLOCK is correct after all when you consider what the crybaby he is .
    You poor Americans made the millstone and now you must wear it so take a swim

  6. Since this guy was elected all I have heard is how "unfair" pretty much everyone is to Trump that isn't a flat out loyalist. Does he ever stop whining and crying? Playing the victim? Someone spank that big fat baby so we can hear him squeal.

  7. Don’t y’all see how this will play out? The impeachment will sent this to the Republican controlled senate. The Dems will get absolutely annihilated there. They’ve dug their own graves. If Nancy doesn’t stop this shit now, many many dems will literally lose their careers. So many casualties to come.

  8. Anyone know the difference between a puppy and a republican?…………..soon or later a puppy will stop winning!

  9. The White house is full of Crooks and liars. Impeach Trump and make America sane again. Why they don't want to participate? Can you say cover up.

  10. When you see a story on CNN, do you already know it's going to be a Hit Piece. Every CNN story on Trump is a Hit Piece..
    So do you watch because it's like a drug fix…?

  11. These dems are playing games… It’s about to get real. Can you say senate ?
    Hillary was right about one thing… they are all going to hang.

  12. I don't know why Republicans are selling their soul to protect Trump over this. Trump will commit another crime tomorrow, next week, next month. How much corruption can they defend?

  13. Come on you coward I wanna watch you incriminate yourself again. The white house is really good at covering his orange arse. Yeah because impeaching a guy for a a personal sexual fail wasn't fairly messed up. Nobody freaks when family values party members have affairs or commit criminal acts. Double standard just like stupid little school children.

  14. What a cunt this lying, six times bankrupt Trump is.  This sniveling coward refuses to release his tax returns, refuses to let Pompeo, Mulvaney, Giuliani, and Perry testify.  Refuses to talk to Mueller, and hides behind his fat little whore, Bill Barr. And by the way, he wears make-up and is really BALD.  How does anyone support this miserable prick?

  15. Is this not enough evidence? And all those republicans who barged into the hearing should be tried for attempting to intimidate a witness

  16. So if we are to believe what Fox news wants us to believe. Trump attempted to seek foreign aid, to investigate a political rival, and his son. The aid got released, so there is no crime. So how about we release the prisoners accused of attempted murder. They only attempted to murder. The murder wasn't committed.??????? How stupid does that sound? Oh and on a side note, they only release the aid. After The whistleblower complaint! Sooooo what's his defense again?

  17. What a f*cking corrupt administration!! Every single one of them should pay for all the bullsh*t they have said to the american people. No surprise they won't participate at all! F*ck them, just go ahead and impeach that bastard!

  18. Keep not participating. This is a set up to win 2020. It's nothing but a witch hunt. They lied when they ran for the House. It's been nothing but impeachment. Other issues are on hold trade negotiations with Canada and China, infrastructure and others. This charade circus act has gone far enough. So far not a shred of evidence has not been shown. There is no doubt in my mind that the Dems are a bunch of lying socialist communists that wants to do away with our Constitution.


  20. the dems should not have to worry about impeaching trump because he is a stable genius and will beat them to it and impeach himself…LOL

  21. Why hide or deny congressional subpoenas if you did nothing wrong? Come forward and tell America the "real truth" because the POS in chief did nothing wrong. Tell us….we are waiting…no..nothing well makes ya look a smidge guilty. Just sayin' ?‍♀️

  22. djt- corrosive gaslighting narcisist and pathological liar. djt uses the same twisted and divisive rhetorical techniques that Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin used to come to power. djt appeals only to the uneducated masses which are easily manipulated just as in Hitler's days. djt routinely uses the old and flawed Soviet Marxist formula that the ends justifies the means. With djt, it's all about winning, winning, winning. How a game is played is of no interest to him. He is devoid of any ethics. djt – a purely self-serving treasonous dictator wannabe. djt – the king of deception and projection. And don't forget Satan's willing apprentices – Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley, Pompeo, Jordan, Nunes, Gaetz, and Moscow Mitch who have sold their souls and gone to the dark side as well as the majority of cowardly Senate republicans. djt – uses people then throws them under the buss. djt has no true friends or loyalties. His only loyalty is to himself and his crooked family and the almighty dollar. What a truly empty soul he is. djt admires and serves Putin only, his dictator role model. djt is nothing more than a con-man and bully. So sad. And Moscow Mitch is his principal enabler.

  23. Trump wants the impeachment to be done now and fast, so he can have a quick death. Take your time Democrats, and make him suffer a slow and painful death. Watching that blob of wobbling orange jelly cry, is pure entertainment.

  24. I wonder how many of you people if it were possible would bet on him being removed from office. Everyone crying "guilty" but not a court of law. You keep saying he doesn't want due process bc he won't participate, do you know what due process means?

  25. This administration like all who have governed before it are accountable. to the constitution, to congress and the american public who pay their salaries. that trump is unwilling to be so, is reckless and unlawful. the articles of impeachment are clear, legitimate yet profound because they determine a corruption of office more aligned with dictatorship than democracy. shame on the republicans for supporting him, shame to those who will vote for him

  26. Tell the leftist commrats in DC to shove their insanity up there vermin filled asses until they take Trump to court, just like every other citizen gets to have.
    Only the evil and corrupt Dims believe they are above the law.

  27. the Republicans who have for whatever reason, decided to sell their soul to the devil, need to understand that the devil will collect his due…

  28. mr dump has tarnished the image of USA drastically. his hatred towards foreigners, tourists and immigrants will crash america’s economy. the way his immigration officers are committing illegality, humiliating tourists dignity under trump administration, the trump should be in jail instead of white house. i am surprised why american courts are silent, the courts should take cognisance and send him to jail with immediate effect. not only american courts but international court of justice, and other counties should also take cognisance and send him to jail immediately.

  29. Dems you have zero factual evidence…… on the other hand… president of Ukraine said he was not pressured…. that of all real witness should have killed this investigation….but of course we'd rather have hear say info….

  30. They got nothing, know they're going to lose, so what else could they do? They jump up and down, screaming hot BS all the while pointing fingers. Like the incoherent BABIES they are. Ok, not babies. Juvenile. They're juvenile.

  31. They AREN’T baseless impeachment claims. Quit saying that or show up, as they’ve invited you to do, and PROVE they’re baseless! Or get on already and let the congress finish their proving their case! JESUS!!


  33. House Dems made their mind up after the midterm. They have the numbers in the house so get on with it and watch it get shut down in the Senate. This is laughable. No facts all presumptions. All other impeachments had accepted crimes established with factual evidence. This is all opinions and the judiciary's witnesses proved it. 3 Dem donors, one who uses Trump's son for a failed attempt at a joke. Never trumpers. Then the Republicans instead of getting a hardcore conservative have an unbiased democrat tell the truth about what's really going on. The only people buying this are never trumpers. If they can get actual facts then impeach his ass. But as of right now the only factual evidence is Trump telling sondland he wanted nothing, no quid pro quo, wants him to do what he ran on. That's it. And anybody that looks at the Biden situation and thinks it isn't worth looking into has lost their mind. I thought Trump was a joke and now I support him because of the extreme partisanship of the Dems and the mainstream media. Hell Fox news has never trumpers on their channel but CNN is 1000 percent democrat biased bs. They and others have turned Trump into a hero to alot of people who couldn't stand him. The Democratic party has a lot of repairing to do if it even can

  34. Great! Why to participate as its all sham hearing where everything is unfair. CNN is very negative news channel. https://www.facebook.com/actforamerica/videos/548315676018872/UzpfSTMxODU4MjY4NzU4MDoxMDE1NjMwOTczNDk4NzU4MQ/

  35. How does this administration dictate to congress what it will and will not do? Are these people not elected by WE THE PEOPLE?

  36. Why would the Whitehouse want to participate in a hoax. Too mamy important things to concentrate on. Let the Dems play Perry Mason on their own.

  37. Let’s be clear here. It is ILLEGITIMATE for a speaker to open an impeachment proceeding without a full house vote. The constitution gives the full house the SOLE power over impeachment. That means only the House of Representatives have jurisdiction over anything impeachment.

  38. CNN please engage in the real story. America is doing good except Dems and the liberal media. Shame on this sham political department.

  39. This president has broken the most sacred law of the land by letting democrats harass the president's office. This will reduce the presidency powers and make the house usurp powers of the judiciary and that of the presidency. By been meek and allow the house this continuous bullying of the office of the presidency for three straight years, is the most unconstitutional thing he has done, and will haunt him forever when other presidents faces the same harassment in future.

  40. With as much bullshit the democrats packed into the hearing, I wouldnt paticipate in the No Nads and Schiff Schitt Show either. "Witnessess that never met the people they heard talking, witnessess that gave 3rd hand hearsay Witnessess that chose to tell jokes about the Presidents minor child. Without the President appearing, the Schitt Show is NOTHING, and quite honestly I would degrade myself by participating in this latest democraptic nothing burger. Piss on the democrats, nothing but whiny babies cock blocking the President since 2016

  41. How can the White House just ignore these inquiries? I guess they ignore common law so it's no strech to the imagination that they will ignore everything.

  42. They are never going to answer to anyone. If Rudi or the orange one tesified, they would incriminated themselves in seconds.

  43. What’s worse for Trump is he tweets and appears on camera and says the wrong thing or lies repeatedly for his own selfish needs which not only makes him guilty but for all the world to see this monster is dangerous to society.

  44. Oh they're going to participate
    Just like Rodger Stone did.
    Just like his first two endorsers did
    Like his former lawyer did
    Just like Epstein did

  45. I love all American people.

    I love all Saudi people.

    I love Donald trump jhon my ankle.

    I love Saudi new crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz AL Saud my brother.

    I love Saudi Prince Matiab bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz AL Saud my brother.

    I love Saudi Prince waleed bin talal my brother.

    I don't like Pakistan people.

    01 02 03 04 06 10 14 17 19 23 12 Thief.

  46. Impeachment, the dems best idea to date. Baring a major economic downturn Trump will solidify power like it's never been solidified before.

  47. ROTFLMAO….Trump…you don't have to be there for any of it…YOUR CHOICE !!! You will be impeached "in absentia" have it your way stupid !!! It's going to happen…and when Comey (re-instated) comes to put the shackles on you…what a great TV Event that will be !!!

  48. Why would they? It won't change the outcome in the house, but wait until it gets to the Senate. You people will look so funny.

  49. Yeap, an alternative reality to which hold on to like a survival kit. When can't follow any longer the real thing/reality because it smashes, crushes and drowns a l l. Drug addicts know what alternative reality means but they can't be asked to talk because exactly and precisely they have no clue of what we're talking about. Their doctors maybe, but they're not asked either. For people watching, death is painful but killing is unnameable.

  50. If this was a true court hearing they couldn’t turn down a subpoena. It’s against the law to not appear in court. This isn’t a hearing, it a bs political stunt. So republicans won’t waste anymore time.

  51. Of course they won't ! They know they are guilty as hell. Most corrupt President in the history of America. Impeach, Charge them , and lock them up !

  52. The Whitehouse would participate but all that the dems are doing is trying to legitimize the impeachment. The dems have been trying to impeach the president long before the facts. Hence everyone knows that this is not about facts

  53. So let me get this straight…they wanna impeach a corrupt wyt supremacist, only to replace him with another corrupt wyt supremacist? Please tell me how much sense does that make.

  54. If this was a Democratic President, hannity shithead alone would have done the job of impeaching the President than all of cnn and msnbc hosts combined.

  55. Democrats are in such a race to remove him before we vote him in again radical left cant take him down
    Todays job numbers dont help dems either

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